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There is a problem:

Our world is in a mess. This statement is immensely politically incorrect. Nonetheless, it is true. Everybody is aware of it to some degree, but not enough is being done about it. That is the problem.


The primary problems of the world may be casually classified as pertaining to either:




These problems are strongly inter-related and in many cases mutually dependant.

Devise experiment to test theory

(see links)

Draw relevant conclusions

In the very least, global political reform and ecological restoration are necessary. This is also something that everybody realises. However, the fundamental changes in our lifestyle and way of thinking that are required have been systematically either ignored or actively opposed by all conglomerations of people that reap profits from the current status quo, i.e. most governments, corporations and religions.

Purpose of this website

We wish to start a widespread constructive dialogue about:

Essentially, we want to create a global think-tank that will address the above objectives in all possible manners, free of outside political, corporate or religious intervention.

Towards this end, we wish to establish a multi-threaded, user-driven internet forum starting out in this URL, with emphasis on credibility and accountability of user contribution. We are currently asking anybody with an interest on the problems outlined above to fill in the participation form on the left-hand side of this page and submit it, so that we can gather the material needed to kickstart into life a community that may someday be instrumental in changing the world to a place our children will not hate us for having been brought to.

Who we are

We are casual acquaintances from parties you don't remember anymore. We are your fellow passengers on late night flights. We are the people you worked picking grapes in Moselle with. For all the above outlined intents and purposes, we are you.

We are neither a political organisation nor in any way related to or affiliated with any. Ditto religious. We are not conspiracy theorists or rogue evangelists. We are not anarchists, we have no secret agenda. We are not intellectual elitists, we are not even experts. We have absolutely no expectation of material profit from this website or any activity related to it. In short, there is no catch.

We are just a bunch of people, we are worried about the future and we are trying to do something about it instead of watching "Friends" on TV and hoping that it never shows up.

Because it will.

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Your e-mail address will remain confidential to us. We will only use it to ask you for early contributions so that a successful launch ensues. We will not give this e-mail address away, not even with your consent. Ever.

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